SUV is a very optimum choice that has been able to attract the attention of a number of people. They have looks, versatility, thrill and a very spacious inner which makes it perfect choice.

SUV is a kind of vehicle which has been able to gain a significant level of popularity amount other vehicles for many reasons. It is not just the basic car and neither is it a truck but somewhere in between it is one of the most luxurious cars to have hands on. Making an investment in a SUV is always something very beneficial and when choosing it you must always have a look at its pros as well as cons.

Pros of Investing in a SUV (i)

Choosing a SUV must be compelling then only a buyer would look forward to invest in it, hence here we have featured some of the benefits people may enjoy when they choose to purchase an SUV.

Space Oriented Vehicle

The first advantage of owning a SUV is the fact that you will be able to have hands on a space oriented vehicle. SUV have relatively more room and comfort and allow medium sized family to travel in it very comfortably. In fact there is a luggage space given as well which makes this car worth the investment.

Tall Heighted Vehicle

Compared to sedans, SUVs are equipped with a better height and they offer you with a better ground visibility. People who love travelling for long distances with children may look forward to cars which have a nice and impressive height to offer and hence a SUV may be their choice at many instances.

Better Performance Capability

SUV can handle tough situations for you, they are equipped with providing you with an ability to have better situation when stuck in rain or snow. Their height gives you a benefit in situation of floods and during snow the tyres may help to move well to reach to your destination without any kind of problem which people with sedan might face.

Safe during Accident

The design and shape of this vehicle is introduced in a way that they offer a higher level of safety in the case of accident. Anyone who is riding on it and any unfortunate situation takes place; it may be handled by the driver because the car itself is supportive and keeps the passengers safe.

Capable of Towing

SUVs are even equipped with their towing capabilities which are cherry on the top and offer to be a convenient option in the situations where you are heading to some camping trip. You might want your boat to be towed or may be some light weight things and with SUV this is totally a possible thing, it has a very seamless engine performance.

Suitable for Long Journeys

People who have been travelling on the longer journeys through road trips may find SUVs to be a very comfortable kind of automobile. They allow a very comfortable journey with the extra space, value adding features and entertainment systems. Not only it is good for a comfortable ride but also doesn’t let you feel bored during your journey. These vehicles are the top rated choices for business personnel when they have to head for one town to another through a road trip.

Spacious Trunk

As much as it is capable of handling people with its roomy interior, it also allows adjusting luggage very easily. It has a very huge size of trunk that may be used to store as much luggage as a person may want, so when heading to camp somewhere or enjoy an overnight picnic it will cater your stuff very conveniently.

Cons of Investing in SUV (ii)

As much as pros need to be considered when buying a car you cannot ignore the cons which come with buying a SUV. Some of the commonly observed cons of SUVs as stated in the reviews by owners may comprise of the following:

Not at All Fuel Efficient

Fuel efficiency is one of such consideration which people always consider when purchasing a vehicle for themselves and this cannot be attained in a SUV. You must keep in mind that the engine of a SUV is so big that it won’t be capable of being run on a smaller amount fuel and will end up drinking all of it no time.

Not Environment Friendly

Since this vehicle used up a lot of fuel you need to utilize much and you are already damaging the environment. Secondly it also emits a lot of smoke and pollution hence it has disturbing practices that tend to harm the environment very badly.

Needs Careful Driver

This vehicle is not suitable for a bumpy road, plus because of its size and structure it may roll of in certain situations. Hence, you cannot speed up with it and anyone who is driving it needs to be very careful while driving.

High Cost of Maintenance

The parts of this car tend to wear and tear very frequently and hence it makes it very difficult for the people to invest a lot on the maintenance. You might have to replace the parts frequently and even the insurance costs on this vehicle may be high compared to a sedan. So, this may add a lot to your budget which you must consider before buying it in the first place.

Expensive Option

When compared with a basic sedan, you will find sedan to be beneficial, convenient and comfortable also the prices are affordable. However, although SUV is comfortable but the prices charged for it doesn’t do a justice to the benefits offered you can get the same in any other top rated vehicle with a less price to be paid.

Choosing vehicle may be a very difficult decision and you need to make it very carefully, you will make this investment very rarely and it is not something that may be changed or replaced upon not liking it. So, always exercise a practical approach and in case you want to purchase always have an eye on its pros and cons.